The Four Women of Sex and The City

Sex and The City (SATC) is a comedy/drama that follows the lives of four New York women in their thirties. We see their personal and professional highs and lows, but the main focus of the show is their many romantic relationships. Each woman has a very different philosophy on love and sex. My theory is that almost all women are represented by the four main characters of the show--and that this was the exact intention of the writers. So, are you a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or a Samantha?

  1. 1. The Charlotte

    Charlotte is definitely the easiest to pin down. If you aren’t the Charlotte in your friend group, then you’ll know exactly who is. Charlotte is a very traditional woman, and she’s looking for true love. She wants the white picket fence, a large family, a big extravagant wedding, all that fairy tale stuff. Saving herself for a serious relationship  (or even marriage, at least with Trey) she is much less prone to the one-night stand than the other characters. Casual sex is not her thing, and she is quick to judge those who engage in it frequently. You will typically find Charlotte in a long-term relationship, planning out her future, and ready to leave the single life behind for good.


  2. 2. The Samantha

        Another easy woman to spot, Samantha is Charlotte’s polar opposite--loving casual sex and asserting that mongomy is unnatural for either gender. She is the quickest to find a man, and the quickest to dump him too. She does not waste any time with the true love fantasy, and feels empowered by sex. Every once in a while though, a man comes along and stays in the picture long enough for Samantha to fall in love. But he better act right, because Samantha will take no crap, and she will always love herself more.


  3. 3. The Miranda

    Despite getting a lot of hate and being deemed the most “boring” of the bunch, Miranda actually has a very interesting philosophy on sex and love. Like Samantha, she is very realistic about monogamy and the idea of love. But, she is also the cynic of the group. Samantha loves the fast-paced hookup culture of New York City; Miranda merely tolerates it. She is the first to bring a friend back down to Earth when they are head over heels for a man, and she calls it as she sees it. As a modern, independent, career-oriented woman, Miranda does not ever picture herself as the obedient wife type, and does not even aspire for marriage or a family, just a good man. She has no expectations about her love life and goes with the flow while reminding herself, and others, the harsh realities of dating in New York.


  4. 4. The Carrie

    Carrie Bradshaw is the it-girl of the show, and, in a way, is a mix of the other three women. Like Charlotte, she is a hopeless romantic, but does not crave the domestic lifestyle or a family at all. Carrie does not so much plan for the future but lives in the moment, hoping to be swept off her feet by the next handsome stranger that walks by. She can be level-headed and realistic like Miranda, and certainly enjoys some good casual sex like Samantha, but when she’s really in love, all bets are off. You will find that she is prone to repeating her mistakes (AKA Mr. Big) because she is so caught up in her own fantasy, and usually listens to her heart over her head. Almost all women find themselves acting like a Carrie from time to time, especially when they start to develop feelings for a guy.


It may be hard for women with these different beliefs to avoid butting heads every once in a while, but the women of SATC teach us that it is possible for all the Charlottes, Mirandas, Samanthas, and Carries of the world to get along. Remember, there isn’t a wrong way to live or love, and every woman should live the life that’s best for them.