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Fall Fashions and South Florida: A Tragedy

           I adore fall. I love the leaves changing colors and the nip in the air. I love the orange tint of the sunlight and the pumpkin spice in my coffee. But most of all, I love fall fashion. Every day when the weather gets around 90 degrees and the humidity is about 120%, I scroll through Pinterest and gaze upon the “fall looks of the season” that I will maybe be able to wear for a week in the dead of winter here in South Florida. The looks are so beautiful: baggy sweaters that hang off the shoulder with dark wash jeans and tall rider boots, sometimes with an infinity scarf and effortless curls that tie the look together. Looking at outfits like this, I instantly wish I lived in a place with seasons!

            But alas, I chose this Miami lifestyle and 95% of the time I don’t have any regrets. I know deep down inside that fall isn’t as great as the pictures you see on the internet and that Miami fall is a breath of fresh air (literally) to the summer heat. I just wish there was a way the fashion could be incorporated into Miami without all the layers, like a store that sold everything according to season but all the clothes could be worn in 80-degree heat. I know that this store would be appealing to such a small market that the clothes would probably be ridiculously expensive, but a girl can dream right? Or, if you could walk around Miami in “fall colors” and not look like a fish out of water. It seems like people here dress for the weather and not the season – which I can totally understand because if you wore an infinity scarf your neck would melt off your body – but I personally try to shy away from neon colors and flip flops outside the summer months.

            I am not here to judge those who appreciate the summer fashion year round in South Florida. I am simply advocating for a little maroon or olive green in your outfit to put everyone in the fall mood. If we can all stand the heat of the all spice foam on our PSLs, don’t you think we can handle a little more sleeve on our shirts?


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