Brown Girl Stereotypes (that need to be cancelled)

Being a South Asian woman in today’s world is already hard enough without having so many stereotypes thrown at you. Whether they seem funny or pretty tasteless, they’re unfortunately true realities that we brown girls have to live through almost every day. These are just a few of those stereotypes that need to be just…cancelled.

1. We're just straight up unattractive.

Excuse me, what was that? Sorry, can't hear you over all this BEAUTY. Boy, bye.

2. An arranged marriage and perfect wifely duties are our only goals in life.

Yes, I spent thousands of dollars in tuition at a university and decades of my life studying, building a personality, and struggling through life's worst times only in search of a husband who can't even do laundry on his own. Right.

3. We're super "nerdy" and book smart.

Who said being smart was a bad thing? But it's definitely not our only thing. I'll kick your butt in a spelling bee while playing soccer while painting my nails and reading a Calculus textbook. Bet.

4. We're here for your "exotic" fetish.

Need I say more? Don't ever call me your Princess Jasmine again.

5.  We're quiet, submissive, and weak.

This one really grinds my gears. Hell hath no fury like a brown girl who you just pissed off. I dare you.

6. Being socially awkward runs in our blood.

Or I just don't like you. Either way, where/why/how/with who I turn up with is none of your darned business. I'll socialize with whomever and whenever I please. 

7. The Obvious: we're terrorists.

This is getting really old. As if all brown people are painted over with a giant terrorist paintbrush. Learn yourself some geography, history, and culture, bro.

8. Mental illnesses don't exist and we're all straight/cisgender.

(Nikkiey Chawla, India's first transsexual model) 

Being brown is not being an entire different species. We are just as human and dynamic as literally everyone else in the world. This stigma has got to go.

All jokes aside, these negative stereotypes of South Asian women need to leave immediately. There are a plethora of amazing things about being brown, some of which are:

1. We are incredible creatives.

Dance, music, visual arts, literature, you name it. We've got it.

2. Our melanin brings all the boys (and girls) to the yard. 

Any shade of brown, we're serving you some lookz on the daily.

3. Ain't no culture like ours.

Our food, clothing, holidays, traditions, art, and so much more are spread heavily throughout the world. Your Coachella bindi and nose ring? The butter chicken you ate last week? Priyanka Chopra on Quantico? You're most definitely welcome.

*mic drop*