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The Interfraternity Council at the University of Miami welcomed ­around 300 men to its 13 fraternities on the UC Patio Friday. Bid day comes after a week full of events including a BBQ, smokers, and wing nights.

The fraternities crowded around the stage starting as early as 4:00 p.m.  Brothers wore either stitched letters or rush shirts. The brothers cheered and waved flags as the hour ticked away. To say it was rowdy is an understatement. Finally, a member of the IFC executive board walked on-stage to kick off bid day 2017. Bid day shirts flew through the air as rushes accepted their bids. Brothers cheered, hollered, and pounded the edge of the stage as they welcomed their new pledges.

“Every new pledge I saw walk across the stage appeared ecstatic about getting a shirt tossed at them, which I think is very reflective of Greek culture here at the University of Miami,” said Matt Carmen, a senior psychology major.    

Unlike Panhellenic’s bid day, rushes went to the Shalala Student Center Ballrooms from 3-5 p.m. to sign their bid day cards. The bid day cards are arranged on a table and rushes must go individually to pick up their cards. Rushes can receive multiple bids from multiple fraternities. The rushes choose which bid to accept and put in a separate waiting room. The rushes are then escorted to the UC Patio. They individually come up to the MC, hand him the card, and it is announced which fraternity the rush has chosen.

According to the IFC Facebook Page, rush started on Sunday with a barbeque on the Intermural Fields. There, the 13 fraternities set up grills and tables sporting their letters. The rushes are free to walk around, talk to the fraternities they’re interested in, and grab a bite to eat. Unlike Panhellenic rush, the next five days were planned individually by the fraternities. There are no rho gammas or “parties.”  Most fraternities had “Meet the Brothers” events the next night which was open to any interested rushes. The events varied for the rest of the week. Some fraternities had events every night while others only had two or three. On Thursday, the last night of recruitment, the fraternities had “smokers” or “interviews” that were invite only.

As rushes accepted their bids, brothers ran to the Rock to take group photos.  Some fraternities ran to their houses or suites.  Pledges smiled and brothers cheered as they ran, jumping and giving high fives. Local alumni of the fraternities were also there, celebrating the future of their chapters.

“As an alum I feel nostalgic but I appreciate that time honored traditions such as the group rush back into the house is part of what makes bid day so memorable for all those future brothers,” said Miguel Castillo, a 22-year-old alum of the university and Alpha Sigma Phi, “In that crowd, for my fraternity at least, I saw a solid and bright future especially in terms of charisma.”

Bid Day came to a close when the last rush accepted his bid at 5:45 p.m.

*Photo Credit: Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Miami Facebook Page

I am currently a senior broadcast journalism and theatre major at the University of Miami. I love pageants, coffee, and animals.
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