The Best Tattoo and Piercing Shop in Miami

The all-black shop located snugly in a shopping center off of Bird Rd might not seem to fit into the series of yellow stucco building that are typical to Miami, but it is a well-known tattoo spot. I first heard of Inkaholiks from a friend who got all of her tattoos there. I had been considering getting my cartilage re-pierced after having it closed for nearly two years due to infection. I had my second lobe piercing and cartilage piercing done at Claire’s a few weeks after I turned 18. The second lobe holes are healed nicely and gave me no problems, but that was not the case with my cartilage. Although cleaned it religiously and followed all aftercare instructions, it quickly became infected and was hot to the touch and severely swollen. I developed a keloid on the back of my ear (a hard growth comprised of excess scar tissue).

Inkaholiks offer daily deals advertised on their Instagram, like $5 piercings (above the waist only!). I saw an advertisement on their page for $3 piercings in honor of Friday the 13th this October. A couple of friends and I got together after class and drove over to get our piercings. Right off the bat, the shop was packed with people waiting to get their bod modifications. A friendly staff member who promptly checked all of our IDs and helped us fill out our forms greeted us. Once we were called, the piercings took a total of les than ten minutes. Our piercer was extremely professional and he used new, sterile tools to pierce each person.

You might have heard the phrase “good tattoos cost good money,” implying that tattoos that come cheap will be of poorer quality. That isn’t the case at Inkaholiks – just check their portfolios or their Facebook page. Hundreds of satisfied customers post their tattoos and piercings. I think that their lower prices and helpful staff are what brings customers in to the shop. Obviously, a full sleeve will cost you a pretty penny, but they offer simple line tattoos for $20 daily and palm size tattoos for $40. The only caveat on their services is that they are a cash only shop, which sometimes is difficult in the times of debit and credit cards.

My piercing is healing nicely and it rarely causes me pain, even though I sleep on it almost every night. My piercer offered that he could do my jewelry changes free of charge and walked me through the aftercare extensively. I love Inkaholiks and can confidently call it the “best tattoo parlor in Miami.” Don’t just take my word for it – I’ve interviewed a few more people who love Inkaholiks and think that you should too!

Shannon got her original tattoo on a couch in the Galapagos. She asked the tattoo artist to even out the lines and overall fix the fading that had occurred. Fading is likely to occur when you get a tattoo on your foot, as you are on your feet everyday wearing down the skin with shoes and socks. Her experience culminated in this quote fitting of her personality.

“He stabbed me repeatedly and scarred me for life.”

Here is a shot of her tattoo before: 

Here is a shot of it after being retouched at Inkaholiks: 

Marion got her second cartilage piercing at Inkaholiks. Her piercer measured the distance between the new piercing and the existing one when she had an earring already in so that they wouldn't be too close together and make her ear feel cluttered.

“I was impressed with the efficiency and courtesy shown by the piercer. It has inspired me to potentially get more piercings from this shop.”

Here is a shot of her piercings:

Inkaholiks is one of the friendliest, helpful, and sterile tattoo shops that any of our writers or contributors has been in. Pop in to their Miami location or Kendall location for all of your tattoo and piercing needs.

All photos are credited to Shannon Hunt and Marion Vilberg, except the header image which comes from