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Spring season is here and so many new trends are already popping up on social media for everyone to admire. A new season comes with a transition of beauty and fashion that will stay for these warmer months to come. Below are some of the coolest trends going on right now that will definitely be popular if you haven’t seen them already.

Funky Nails

Nails can definitely be an expression of style, especially since there are so many potential designs and colors to experiment with. Different nails are super in right now with pops of color that perfectly express spring vibes. A tip I have is checking Pinterest for the greatest nail inspo!

Colorful Clay Rings

Another way to keep in touch with vibrant colors this season is through statement rings. These pieces are being seen on plenty of celebrities right now from Emma Chamberlain to Kylie Jenner, so make sure you snag a few to accessorize with during this time. Some shops to browse for these types of rings are Mon Cher Moi and La Manso.

Patterned Bikinis

As the warmer weather approaches, swimsuits are becoming an almost daily uniform. So, many brands are coming out with cool patterns and designs for their suits that definitely give off a spring vibe. A brand I’m loving right now for this is Frankies Bikinis.

Make sure to keep your eyes on these fun trends and try them out this season!

Hi! My name is Kaylee Martinez! I am from West Palm Beach, Florida and I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in Business Law. Some of my interests include going out to cool restaurants with friends and spending time at the beach. I have such a strong passion for writing as well as anything beauty and fashion related and I can't wait to explore this more here!
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