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Now that football season is in full swing, we’ve searched all over for a cutie that exudes excitement and loyalty to the ‘Canes tradition and family.  Meet University of Miami’s first Campus Cutie, Alex Lambert!


Name: Alex Lambert

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science & Business Law

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Relationship Status: Single


What extracurricular activities are you involved in?“I am on Intra-Fraternity Council Executive Board as Vice President of Communications, GAMMA (Greeks Advocating For The Mature Management of Alcohol) Executive Board, Greek-Week Executive Board, Order of Omega, Club Lacrosse Team, College Republicans, Sigma Chi Fraternity and I am Touchdown Tommy Cannon-Master.”

What is your favorite pickup line?“If you were a cheeseburger, you’d be the McGorgeous.”

What did 10-year-old Alex want to be when he grew up?“I really wanted to be a NASCAR driver. Unfortunately, I soon realized that because I grew up in South Florida I can barely drive without crashing.”

Did you ever have an imaginary friend?“Yes! His name was Jimmy, but he got lost at a carnival and never came home…”

What is your guilty pleasure?“Well I have two: ice cream and Blue Martini Karaoke on Tuesdays jamming to Taylor Swift…both are equally tempting.”

What is your favorite part about being a brother of Sigma Chi?“Sigma Chi has given me a great way to expand my horizons at UM and nationally, all the while making over 100 lifelong friends. I will stand by my statement that joining it was the best decision I have made in my four years at UM.”

What is your most embarrassing moment at UM?“Definitely taking a humble tumble into the lake after a long day at the Rathskeller. I felt like Humpty Dumpty. When I got out an old lady was walking by and I just about gave her a heart attack by mistake…pretty funny stuff.”

What is your favorite part about being Touchdown Tommy Cannon Master?“Growing up down here, I never missed a home ‘Canes game in the Orange Bowl. Hearing the Cannon blast multiple times a game for 20 years and now actually getting the chance to fire it myself has been pretty surreal.”

What is your biggest fear?“Getting a call from Dean Priepke’s office. That never really works out too well. Oh, and dolphins…those things are terrifying!”

What is your dream date?“A long walk on the beach with Jennifer Aniston followed by a seaside dinner. All topped off with a Mariachi Band playing in the background, of course. #heaven.”

Rebecca, a California girl at heart, has fully embraced the Miami lifestyle, living by the motto "work hard, play hard...play hard again!" Rebecca has always been a bit of a multi-tasker - attending frat parties while Snapchatting and enjoying the finest of boxed wines one night to spending endless hours at the library, studying and downing Starbucks the next. After years working in an office environment, she is looking forward to a more creative position at Her Campus where her sarcasm and exuberant love of life can shine through as she writes editorial content and sits behind her computer trying to look busy. Send love/hate mail and/or suitor requests to princessaabeccaa@gmail.com.
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