7 Badass Feminist Anthems to Listen to

The question that lingers in the back of every girl’s mind while listening to a particularly vulgar song: does listening to music with sexist lyrics make me a bad feminist? The answer: of course not! It is not a reflection of you or your values!

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to avoid sexist songs altogether, since so many make their way into mainstream pop, further perpetuating rape culture and the objectification of women. These types of attitudes can be internalized and normalized in society, but luckily, there are just as many feminist songs we can listen to! So if you’re sick of all the name-calling and slutshaming heard on the radio, here are seven empowering alternatives, all sung by some badass women!


  1. 1. Ain't Your Mama- Jennifer Lopez


        This is one of JLo’s lesser-known songs, but it’s still a hit! The message in this song is clear but resonates with many women... she’s your girlfriend, not your mom! JLo is certainly condemning the idea that so many men expect to be fed, taken care of, and cleaned up after by their female partners. Equality in relationships is an important subject, and this song covers it flawlessly.


    Euphoria Zendaya Dancing
  2. 2. WAP- Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion

    This song has blown up since its August release, and so has the controversy. Some argue that it is not a feminist song at all, due to the explicit nature of the music video, but (in my opinion) it is quite refreshing to see women in the industry take control of their sexual experience, prioritizing their pleasure and needs. Bonus points if you can learn the dance, too!


    horse hiking girl adventure utah national park
  3. 3. BO$$- Fifth Harmony

        The strong women of Fifth Harmony are never ones to shy away from empowering anthems, but this one has to be a top. This upbeat tune is about the many joys of financial independence and references some well-known girlbosses (shoutout Michelle Obama). Reflection is another must-listen from Fifth Harmony, touching on self-love and body confidence.


    Letter tiles spelling "girl boss"
  4. 4. God is a Woman- Ariana Grande

    Another controversial song- who knew gender equality could be so polarizing? Grande’s 2018 bop sparked some backlash for claiming that God is, in fact, a woman. In most modern religions however, God is considered genderless, so she wasn’t that radical for saying this. After all, women are creators of life. The song and its music video contain themes of worshipping sexually-liberated women in a more holistic way, rather than objectifying them. Grande herself appears as the female deity, looking quite divine. Play this song in public if you want to trigger your local misogynist!


    Ariana Blow Kiss
  5. 5. The Man- Taylor Swift

        I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of Taylor, but nobody can deny that she has become a powerhouse in the world of pop. She has also faced tons of criticism about her personal life, arguably because of her gender. This song explains the many challenges that come with being a woman while also addressing male privilege. You Need To Calm Down is also a great pro-LGBTQ anthem by TSwift!

    Haters Taylor Swift
  6. 6. Run The World (Girls)- Beyoncé  

    This list would not be complete without an appearance from Queen B herself! This song is uplifting and fun, and preaches the importance of the role of women and girls all around the world- whether they’re mothers, students, ballers or all of the above. Just like every other Beyoncé song ever recorded, this song is timeless and will never get old. Who run the world? Girls!


    Hair Flip
  7. 7. Can’t Hold Us Down- Christina Aguilara ft. Lil’ Kim

        This is my absolute favorite out of the entire list, so I saved it for the #1 spot. It is a great 90s R&B jam, but more importantly, it gets real about double standards. This duo breaks down the idea that men are praised for having multiple sexual partners, while women are shamed for the exact same thing. Ridiculous! Can’t Hold Us Down will fire you up and inspire you to do away with these unfair societal expectations for women. 


    girls rule written on socks by Pexels

That’s all for my list, but I encourage you to create your own list and listen to music that makes you feel more confident!