5 Comfort Foods for the Cold Weather

We all know it's starting to get a bit chilly, even down here in Miami. So the best thing to cope with colder weather is comfort food! There are lots of fun recipes and easy microwavable food to go with any night you plan on staying in, watching a movie and snuggling in your warm blanket. Here's a few comfort foods you can eat anytime you feel like! The links to the recipes are highlighted in pink!

1. Mac-N-Cheese 

There's so many ways to make good old mac-n-cheese. You can get the cheap microwavable packs if you want something low maintenance. There's nothing like baked mac-n-cheese if you prefer the finer things in life. It's crispy and creamy and perfect in every way. I highly recommend summoning your friends and eating a steaming bowl of mac-n-cheese over a nice movie. 

2. Cinnamon rolls 

Cinnamon rolls can only be described as small little hugs. They're cute, sweet and they leave you feeling warm. Cinnamon rolls are comfort foods that can honestly leave you happy and loved. At least they do for me, every time. It never fails. 

3. Mashed potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are one of the many beautiful things that can be done with potatoes. I associate mashed potatoes with Thanksgiving a lot of the time. However, they're honestly good for any occasion. They're super easy to make and leave you feeling satisfyingly full. 

4. Chicken Alfredo 

I'm a big fan of pasta and the one thing that makes pasta even better is chicken and Alfredo sauce. Adding Alfredo to a steaming bowl of pasta makes for a quick and delicious dinner. Making Chicken Alfredo also gives you that feeling of accomplishment because yes, you made it at home instead of ordering it at a restaurant. 

5. Lentil soup 

Not only are lentils really healthy, they go great with soups. Nothing is better for cold weather than soup. You can eat lentil soup by itself and even dip bread or pita chips to add a bit of crunch to it. There's a ton of nutrition and if made correctly, you'll become hooked on it. 

So, these are just five comfort foods for the cold weather. There are so many more so get on Pinterest or YouTube and start looking for your next favorite hot meal to prep!