5 Body Positive Instagrams to Help You Through Your Self-Love Journey

The first body positive Instagram I was introduced to was Megan Jayn Crabbe’s, also known as @bodyposipanda on Instagram. Not only does she advocate loving all bodies, she boosts so many other body positive accounts! She’s an amazing example of women supporting other women! So through her, I found several other accounts advocating body love and I couldn't be more grateful!

Here is a list of body positive Instagram accounts that I hope will really help you in your self-love journey!

1. @Bodyposipanda

Megan’s account blew my mind! She’s an anorexia survivor and has learned to celebrate her new body and support others as well. She gives attention to disabled bodies, saying that she’s not interested in body positivity that doesn't include people with disabilities. She poses in every picture unapologetically, mentioning often that all the “bad angles” of our bodies are lies. Following her blog has really made me re-construct the way I see my body and made me realize just how false the “ideal” body image is. She also just got a book published called “Body Positive Power” that you can order here!  Megan also regularly posts the #donthatetheshake where she dances to advocate loving the way our bodies jiggle. She gives full credit to Melissa Gibson for creating that trend!

2. @yoursTruelymelly

Melissa Gibson is an active body positive blogger and creator of #donthatetheshake. She created a whole trend of women shaking their bodies with whatever dance they can muster. She shuts down those comments that say that she’s glorifying obesity by loving her body. Melissa has a Masters in Women’s and Gender Studies and focused her research on Body Positivity, Body Politics, Queer Theory and Embodiment. Her whole goal is to empower and educate.

3. @the_feeding_of_the_fox

Imogen’s blog is one of my favorites! She emphasizes the importance of including disabled bodies in the body positivity movement. She tells her story of her battle with eating disorders and the disability that she currently has. Imogen celebrates her body and encourages able bodied people to learn. She encourages disabled people to “Speak out, start sharing your truth, start demanding access and start claiming space.”

4. @chooselifewarrior

Danielle Galvin is a body positive warrior that talks about mental health, eating disorders and debunking body myths. She’s an eating disorder survivor and exposes the fact that not all eating disorders cause you to be thin. She debunks all those comments about, “What about being healthy?” She makes it clear that it’s never been about health, it’s always been about body policing. She also participates in #donthatetheshake and created her own body love calendar! You can get it here! She hopes to come out with a book at some point and I can’t wait!

5. @saucyewest

Saucye West is a plus size model and advocate for the #fatandfree campaign. Saucye works in the San Francisco bay area. She promotes body love and refers to herself as #yourfavoritefat girl.  She uses her career to empower and show self-love as you can see with the shirt saying, “fat and free.” Saucye SLAYS in every photo and love having her pop up on my instagram feed! 

So, these are just a few body positive Instagram accounts. I’m happy to say that there’s so much more and it’ll only keep growing!