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5 Best Face Masks for Oily Skin

It’s still 80 degrees here in Florida in December, causing me to sweat more than a sinner in church. I already have oily skin and have had it all my life, so it is important that I try to mitigate the shine on my face. I’m going to share with you my tried and true face masks for oily skin that help keep me matte in the swampland we call the Floridian peninsula.

1. Mario Badescu Drying Mask for $18.00

I am in LOVE with Mario Badescu’s skin care line. I have been honing my skincare routine for nearly the last 10 years because I developed acne and oily skin early in life. The drying mask says on their website that it is for all skin types, but I think that it works best with oily skin. It is designed to combat pore-clogging oils and to pull put and dry out impurities in skin. The smell is kind of earthy, but it isn’t strong or pungent enough for me to stop using it. The 2 oz jar will last you a long time – I am still on my first jar from six months ago, even using it two to three times per week.

2. Garnier SkinActive Super Hydrating Mask – Mattifying for $2.99

Don’t let “super hydrating!!” scare you off – I use this sheet mask once a week because even though it says that it’s mattifying, it actually brings the appropriate amount of moisture to your skin. I love the way that my skin feels after I use this mask and rub in the excess moisture leftover. It makes my face feel vibrant and hydrated, but not too greasy or oily. I always have my best skin days after I use this the night before. This mask has green tea extract which is good for soothing skin and absorbs well. This mask is also ideal for those who have larger pores because it does genuinely reduce the sixe of your pores over time.

3. A2O Lab Facial Sheet Mask – Pore Control for $1.00

All of the facemasks from Shop Miss A are going to give you a bang for your buck – they only cost $1 per item. Even if you do not have larger pores but still have oily skin, this mask will benefit you. This mask leaves your skin refreshed, but not tight like some masks that are designed to clear out pores. After using this, the sizes of my whiteheads and pores are definitely reduced.

4. A2O Lab Facial Sheet Mask – Oil Control for $1.00

As stated above, this mask is a great investment because it is only $1. This mask also leaves a lot of sticky residue for you to rub into your skin after the sheet mask is taken off, but I can definitely say that the morning after using this mask my face definitely produces less oil in my T-zone and chin (which are normally my problem areas with oil).

5. Mario Badescu Silver Powder for $12.00

The silver powder is not necessarily a facemask, but I use it all over my face as a mask a few times a week. You pour some of the powder in a bowl and add water to make a paste that you can brush onto your face. The one downside is that when it becomes dry it flakes like no one’s business. Everything in your house will have white dust on it unless you stay in your bathroom. There is an IMMEDIATE reduction in the oil on my face and the production of blackheads and dark clogged sebum in my pores.

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