4 Easy Halloween Looks

You’ll only need a few things to create four easy Halloween makeup looks – a colorful eye shadow palette, liquid eyeliner, as well as black and red lipstick. I used the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette ($38.00), Nyx Butter Gloss in Big Cherry ($6.49), Nyx Liquid Suede lipstick in Alien ($6.99), and Wet n Wild Liquid Liner in Black ($1.99).

Look #1 – Alien

Pairing cute little space buns with metallic blues and purples will make you look out of this world this Halloween. Brushing teal and blue shadows on your lids and smoking out the bottom lash line with dark purple makes your eyes look like a galaxy. You can wear black lipstick topped with metallic teal and purple eye shadow to give it some shine. Sweeping light blue and shimmery teal on your cheekbones makes for an ethereal highlight.

Look #2 – Skull

Instead of going for a classing black and white skull this Halloween, you can spice up your smoky eye look with a toothy smile. I blended my black and dark brown eye shadows on the lid and brought them down to mimic eye sockets. Using black eyeliner, I created a black nose shape like on a real skull. Just making vertical lines that match up with your teeth with black eyeliner across your lips and extending your beautiful smile outward makes you look sweet, but also a little threatening.

Look #3 – Fox

Basic costumes for college girls include wearing all black and some sort of ears, like Karen Smith from Mean Girls. Instead of drawing whiskers on your cheeks and being a mouse or a cat, you can think a little more out of the box for the same amount of effort.  Using orange and red eye shadows on your eyes and forehead, plus painting a nose and top lip with black eyeliner gives you a real feline look. You could leave your eyes with just the eye shadow, but I added dramatic winged liner to accent my eye shape.

Look #4 – Jigsaw

If you’re looking for something simple, but scary – look no further. Instead of going all out with gory blood and guts, you can bar hop carefree with this iconic look. Just add some black eyeshadow onto your lids and fill in your brows with black eyeliner. Draw Jigsaw’s signature spirals with red lipstick and then apply it to your lips. Draw two lines from the corners of your lips straight down to your chin.

Have a spooky Halloween HC readers – check me out sporting the alien makeup this year!

All images are mine, except the header which comes from http://www.grandlegacyhotel.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/mickey1.jpg.