15 Struggles Only Libras will Understand

Its Libra season - the best season. But being a Libra myself, I’ve come to love and hate it. I’d like to share with you all the struggles only Libras understand. 

1. You constantly question every decision you make like it’ll make or break your life, so people are always calling you indecisive. 

Ordering food on Postmates or Ubereats is such a struggle - there are so many options, it's overwhelming. And don’t get me started on picking something on the menu. Choosing anything as simple as what to eat is the ultimate feat for a true Libra. 

2. You’re never the right friend to ask to pick a side, because you’ll always find the good and bad in both sides. 

Whenever people are in a fight, I don’t know what to do. I’m constantly switching sides, seeing the balance and all the gray areas. If you’re in the largest fight of your life, don’t ask me to pick a side. 

3. You’re constantly trying to please everyone but constantly reminding yourself you never will. 

“Do I invite Jessica out with us? Maybe that’ll make Emily more comfortable? Does Jessica even like Emily?” 

4. You overthink and overanalyze everything. 

*Spends time daydreaming about various scenarios that’ll never happen.* *Stays up late at night questioning one word you could’ve said differently during your presentation.* 

5. People mistake your friendliness for flirtiness and you usually don’t get the hint when someone tries to flirt back. 

No, I’m not flirting with you if I am making jokes. That is just my way of trying to make you feel comfortable. 

6. You like your alone time but hate being lonely. 

Being with tons of people for a long extended time is exhausting, but being by myself for a long period of time is straight up depressing. Sometimes I need my space, but definitely not too much space. 

7. You change your mind every 5 seconds. 

Before deciding to go to University of Miami, I thought I was going to go to Boston University. So I ordered a bunch of Boston University clothes, to then change my mind the next morning. This is what Libra’s deal with all the time. 

8. You constantly make impulsive decisions that you find difficult to reason - sometimes all it was was an impulsive decision! 

I find myself making decisions with not much reason at all - forgive me please, it was my inner Libra at work. 

9. You hate confrontation. 

I will try to ignore any problems we have. I won't want to fight. It’s because Libras value harmony so we hate fighting. 

10. You make eye contact with a guy once and he becomes your new crush - this happens basically on a daily basis. 

My newest crush will last 0.2 seconds. I will most likely stalk him on all social media the second he makes eye contact with me for longer than one second. 

11. You pretend you’ve got it all together, but really you are super sensitive and have way too many thoughts that you can’t seem to share. 

You pretend it’s okay when someone criticizes you; you pretend it’s okay when you have four exams and projects in your classes. Really, you're breaking down inside and can’t seem to express your stress to others.

12. You’re always giving people the benefit of the doubt, even when others tell you otherwise. 

Oh that boy that screwed me over 10 times? I’m going to give him just one more chance, maybe he’ll change. 

13. You change your life-plan just about every week. 

The most dreaded conversation at Thanksgiving dinner: what do you want to do with your life? Never ask a Libra this question because they will have a different answer depending on the day. 

14. You’re constantly questioning life when things aren't fair, and constantly striving for that fairness, even if it is unachievable. 

“But it’s not fair,” is the most common phrase among Libras; I wouldn't be surprised if a Libra said it first. 

15. You’re a hard worker but a lazy roommate. 

I can get 10 assignments done in a day, but that trash still left in the garbage? I’ll probably procrastinate taking that out.