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Youtube Sensation: Maya George ’18


After casually scrolling through Instagram, we found this week’s campus celebrity, sophomore Maya George. Maya is a beauty Youtuber on the rise, and we decided to catch her on the up and up and ask her a few questions! 

What sort of content do you put on YouTube?

MG: My main focus right now for my content is beauty, so fashion, hair, makeup all that good stuff. Eventually though I want to start doing videos that will be called “Green Tea Talks” where I will sip green tea and discuss everything from current events, celebrity gossip, life advice to more serious topics to things like the Black Lives Matters movement and other things I’m passionate about. I also want to add a cooking segment as well. 

How’d you come up with your YouTube name?

MG: My channel name “MayasBiggWorld” comes from the fact that I want my channel to be about a whole bunch of stuff. I didn’t want to be put into the box of just being a, “beauty YouTuber” I want to post all different types of content, so I had to pick a name that would reflect that. So “Maya’s” because that’s my name (Lol), “Bigg” because my alter ego is “Bigg Daddy” and the two g’s are extremely important, so I had to incorporate that some how and “World” because I’m often in my own world. 

What made you want to start a YouTube channel?

MG: My addiction to YouTube started about 2010 and I was just watching the comedy side of YouTube so people like Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles. Then my friends Sydney, Shakira, and I were just like “We can do that.” So we did, we called ourselves “Space Man Television” and we wrote a whole bunch of scripts but sadly only produced a few of them. I’m pretty sure our channel is still floating around out there somewhere. Then eventually I found the beauty side of YouTube. I started subscribing to so many beauty channels and eventually said to myself, “This is what I want to do.” It took me forever to finally get the courage to do it though, I would always put it off or make excuses like “well I don’t have a tripod” or “I don’t have lights” so once I had the things I “needed” I didn’t have anymore excuses and just kind of forced myself to step outside my confront zone and I’m happy I did. 

What advice would you give people who are new to YouTube or looking to start a channel?

MG: Do it. You’ll love it, have an idea of what you want to do, find your channel name and start your channel. Don’t worry about having a fancy camera or anything. Besides the most important aspect of a good quality video is lighting and the best lighting comes right from the sun. Once you upload your first video turn into a promo monster. Shamelessly promote your content, let the world know you have a YouTube channel and you want them check it out.

Ellen: Who’s your favorite YouTuber to watch?

MG: I love EricaFae, idressmysleff, Jouelyz, and TheNotoriousKia. I get so excited when any of them post a video.


You can find Maya’s videos at http://www.youtube.com/mayasbiggworld


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