Why You Should Take Challenging Classes

As my junior year comes to an end, I’ve found myself reflecting on some of my favorite classes throughout my time at Miami. I won’t lie, when I was a freshman I aimed for the “easy A” classes. As I got more into my majors, “easy” classes weren’t really an option anymore.

My advisor actually told me that even if a certain class is known to be difficult, just think about what I would learn from it. Without really any other choice, I started taking more difficult classes that sounded really interesting. I learned more from these classes, content-wise and work ethic wise than I ever did from the easy classes.

Yes, the classes were challenging. But, I learned the value of truly studying and understanding a topic. And now that I’m done with these classes I still remember much of what I learned and have applied those skills to all of my other classes. The easy classes may be a GPA booster, and sometimes we all need that, but I recommend challenging yourself to see what you’re really capable of - you might be surprised.