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Why Shein is the Best Shopping App for the College Girl

By Sarah Reitz

Me: OMG have you heard of the clothing app Shein?

Whenever I find something I love, I always have the urge to tell anybody I can. So for the past three weeks I have been I have been telling, my friends, girls in my class, and pretty much anybody who will listen about the app Shein. Naturally whenever I bring it up people’s responses fall under the “Huh?”,  “What’s that?”, and “What are you talking about?” category. And I willingly explain that Shein is a London based app where you can get inexpensive, trendy clothing. So I’ve made it my personal mission to create a universal appreciation for the gift that is Shein app.

Get it here: http://us.shein.com/Drop-Shoulder-Frill-Detail-Dip-Hem-Tee-p-369123-cat-1738.html

One of the reasons Shein has not only my business, but also my enthusiastic support is because of the prices . Most of the clothing is between $10 and $15 dollars, which is a perfect price for a broke college student (like myself). Of course, the prices can vary. Some dresses and sweaters will be priced around $20-$25. But even so, it’s hard to find cute clothes for that reasonable of price. One huge bonus is that they have free shipping with no minimum amount. For me at least, I know that if something costs money to ship, I’m so much less likely to make the purchase. So props to you Shein for understanding how important free shipping is to all of us broke, compulsive shoppers. It’s such a plus to be able to ship the clothing straight to campus instead of trekking to the malls that seem like they are in far away lands.

Get it here: http://us.shein.com/Ditsy-Print-Open-Back-Wrap-Hem-Cami-Dress-p-384520-cat-1727.html

The blessing and curse about Shein is that they are consistently updating their app with new clothes. In fact, they release new clothes daily. Meaning there is almost always something new for me to covet after, leaving my eyes stuck to my phone screen until I’ve viewed every last new item. They also always have clothing on sale. At the moment, they are putting out their fall clothing line. So, for all of you who aced their last Econ exam, you know what that means. Their summer clothing is dirt cheap. I’m talking you can find shirts and shorts for less that $10 while the sales still last.

Get it here: http://us.shein.com/Bardot-Embroidered-Appliques-Trumpet-Sleeve-Top-p-355863-cat-1733.html

As amazing as Shein is, everything has its flaws. It’s extremely important to look at the reviews before you purchase any article of clothing. People often give you advice on whether to size up or down. Many people also post pictures of the clothing along with their review so you can see if the item looks like the picture. The positive about Shein though is you can purchase refund premium for $2.99, so if the clothes are not exactly what you want, you can return them without paying the handling fee.

Get it here: http://us.shein.com/Botanical-Embroidered-Cord-Skirt-p-382035-cat-1732.html

Clothing is a visual representation of your personality. It is important to have clothes that speak to you. But there is no reason you should have to break the bank in order to do so. Shein provides an inexpensive, accessible option that you can use to express yourself.


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