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Why Rey from Star Wars Is Queen

From the day I was born, my family instilled on me their passion for Star Wars. I always looked up to Princess Leia (RIP Carrie Fisher), so when the eighth episode, “The Force Awakens,” came out, I was ecstatic to see Rey, the protagonist, be a badass Jedi. Here are some reasons that Rey is a boss lady in the new Star Wars trilogy:

1. She is a woman in a field dominated by men.

How many female Jedi’s can you name off the top of your head? Not many. She is in a position dominated by men and is doing it better than most Jedi ever could.

2. She knows how to fly a ship… and fly it well.

When the Millennium Falcon is starting to shut down, Han Solo had no idea what was going wrong. It was not until Rey said what was wrong that it started working again. She knows her stuff.

3. She is an independent woman.

She has lived by herself her whole life and has been able to take care of herself just fine. She don’t need no man.

4. She is not afraid.

She will do the most courageous acts because she has no fear. Like, she used the force on Kylo Ren… not many can do that.

5. She is STRONG.

If you have seen “The Last Jedi,” you will know that she lifted up a TON OF ROCKS to clear a path. Now, I am nowhere near lifting 20 pounds, so she is stronger than I ever will be.

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