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Who Are You In Your Friend Group?

The Mom

The mom of the group takes care of everyone. She is always the first to text in the group chat to make the plans. She is extra cautious when the whole group goes out and makes sure everyone is always together. If you are ever having a problem, she’s the one who will come to your room in the middle of the night and talk about it without you. Whenever you go to her room she has food for everyone. Let’s be honest, your friend group would be completely lost without “the mom.”

The Ghost

“The ghost” is the quiet, but crazy one. The one who you would not expect to do half of the things she does. She’ll randomly appear at functions, and then she’ll suddenly disappear. You never know where she is, but you know she’ll make an appearance. The ghost is best described as one in the group text who never responds, but you know she’s reading everything.

The Brains

“The brains” is constantly on to the next thing. She is responsible and has a good head on her shoulders. She is never afraid to step up for any task, and she always takes on leadership responsibilities. She schools everyone with her brains and she is constantly working. If she isn’t doing something productive at all times, she will go crazy. But she doesn’t mind, she loves to put 100% into everything she does. This is the friend that your whole group knows is going to change the world some day.

The Little Sibling

The little sibling is the craziest of your group. You can have the worst idea in the world and she’ll tell you to go for it. She always has your back and takes your group’s bond  very seriously. She’s the one you can count on to be down for singing karaoke or dancing like a complete idiot. She can feel like an annoying little sibling at times, but your friend group would not be complete without her.

The Hot Mess

That one friend who is always down to go out. She knows the best house parties and bars to go to that are always the most fun. She can be all over the place sometimes, but your friends can always count on her to rally the next day. She’s the person who will challenge anyone and everyone to a dance battle.

The Comedian

She’s the funniest person and all your friends swear that one day she’ll be a comedian. Whether she’s the unintentional kind of funny or sarcastic kind of funny, she is constantly making everyone around her crack up. She makes the even the worst situations seem okay. She’s the friend who makes you wonder why your friend group doesn’t have a reality TV show.

The Fierce One

She always has your back and will defend you even if you’re wrong. She is the definition of true sisterhood. She knows what she wants and she gets it. Her makeup is always flawless and she dresses like she just walked off a runway. She doesn’t have time for people who don’t respect her. #WERK

Carrie Shaheen

Miami (OH) '19

Miami University President/Writer
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