Which Lana del Rey Album Are You?

Born to Die

Personality: You are simultaneously a fun-loving party animal and deep, passionate lover. You are found with your tight-knit group of friends during weekdays, and on weekends you hang out with your significant other. You have darkness in you that you keep hidden from your friends, and often times you don't feel close to anyone.

Go-to outfit: A white bikini top with high waisted jean shorts, a flowy bathing suit cover, and heart shaped sunglasses.

Hobbies: Partying with friends, long fast drives on the highway, relaxing by the pool, dressing up nicely for fun.


Personality: You have a couple close acquaintances, but you prefer to keep to yourself. You have a dark soul and often times feel the world is out to get you. You're no stranger to heartbreak. You have an appreciation for old rock music, photography, and literature.

Go-to outfit: Mostly monotone; a graphic tee with leather jacket, fishnet tights ad ripped jean shorts, complimented by Doc Martens. You usually either wear dark eyeliner or a dark lip, sometimes both when you're feeling daring.

Hobbies: Reading Sylvia Plath collected poems, drinking Bourbon, taking Polaroid’s, dreaming about California, watching cult movies (i.e. Clockwork Orange, Heathers, Donnie Darko, Pulp Fiction), chain-smoking cigarettes, practicing your Spanish.


Personality: You are a dreamer lost in the world of casual heartbreak. A single person seems to encompass all of your thoughts most of the time, but you have learned to appreciate the beauty of the natural world around you. You are incredibly introspective and don't mind being by yourself.

Go-to outfit: A simple red romper, sandals, a wide rimmed sunhat, and large sunglasses [with pink flamingos on the rim].

Hobbies: Writing poetry, traveling solo, playing acoustic guitar, listening to the Eagles, questioning the existence of God, appreciating 20th century art, reading Fitzgerald.

Lust for Life

Personality: You are incredibly self-aware and have formed comprehensive opinions about politics and the current state of the society you live in. You have been hurt in the past, but you've learned to accept reality and appreciate all things beautiful.

Go-to outfit: A simple white sundress with wedges and a loose, wavy hairstyle.

Hobbies: Transcendental meditation, Wiccan spell casting, bathing alone on the beach, listening to Fleetwood Mac, collecting succulents and daisies.

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