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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
Whether you’re a junior searching for an internship, or a senior trying to land your dream job, Career Fair is hitting up Oxford this week and it’s time to start making impressions! 
After going through your mock interviews and adding that extra touch to your resumes, it’s time to look the part too. Here is a list that will have you looking extra fabulous, while still looking oh-so-totally professional:
(We’re going to try not to go Stacy and Clinton on you)
No Big, Gaudy Jewelry- We all know that the hot pink or turquoise bubble necklaces were such a big hit this summer, but the businesses running booths at Career Fair may not know this. That’s why you must stick to pearls and basics. Think Audrey Hepburn-chic. Pearls are always a good idea. Instead of your usual “stacking” of bracelets and watch combinations, try just your watch. Watches can make you seem like you’re constantly looking at the time to make sure you’re on time! And remember, being 15 minutes early is golden for interviews and meetings. It’s a win-win here. 
Please, No Club Shoes- You can’t wear your cute, professional LBD with strappy, platform stilettos. This is such a terrible fashion sin. Make sure you stick with your baby heels. If you’re tired of black heels, try nude ones! They match everything and they’re a perfect color for fall. Double whammy- if you land a job you can wear these (more comfortable) bad boys out to celebrate later! 
Speaking of LBD’s, No Body Con Anything- We love our body con dresses and skirts for going out or wearing them to dinner. I assure you, these versatile, and fairly inexpensive, mini skirts will not work for Career Fair. Try a nice, slimming black dress, or anything neutral with a blazer. The phrase, “Less is More” will definitely help you here. Promise! 
No Tacky Nails or Makeup- We all love our chevron glitter painted nails, but try to limit yourself here. Perhaps a new French tip would be nice, or just a light, neutral color. That goes for your makeup too. You’re trying to get a job, not win the Ultimate Supreme Title on Toddlers and Tiaras. 
No Snooki Bumps- Whenever you’re feeling sassy, that might be an okay time to bust out the hair bump. Career Fair, however, is not going to be one of those days. Do a cute, high pony and pull the hair away from your face. Half-up hairstyles are adorable, too. 
If you follow this guide you will, without a doubt, dominate your potential job search. Remember, your best accessory is always your smile and confidence. If you look good, you will feel good…and when you’re feeling good, the sky’s the limit!