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What To Expect In The Armstrong Student Center

With just a short time remaining, the anxiety for the student center to open escalates each day. But along with all the excitement, many of us are left wondering what’s actually in the student center? Well collegiettes, here’s your answer!
The Student Union will be a two-storied building with plenty of rooms and work space for the over 400 student organizations that are on campus, along with study spaces for students to collaborate together on projects and homework. However, the most exciting news is the new 24/7 dining services that will soon be open. Feast your eyes on the plentiful options you’ll soon be able to swipe for:
Miami Ice
This restaurant will basically be your new Tuffy’s; offering coffee, espresso, cappuccinos, and sweet treats including gelato. As heavenly as the gelato already sounds, their toasted roll makes it sound even sweeter.
Sundial Pizza Company
With Sundial being a popular selection on campus, it is not only keeping their delivery service, but also having a dine-in option in the new student center. Here, you can grab a pre-made slice, or create your own pizza pie. 
Not quite Chipotle, but something close! This Latin American restaurant will offer build-your-own burritos, tacos, taco bowls, and quesadillas with a variety of toppings, or try a delicious “South American Cuban.”
Mein Street Mongolian & Asian Grill
At this grill, you will be able to choose the protein and vegetables of your choice, and watch it get mixed together right in front of you. To go along with your main course; spring rolls, wantons, and Vietnamese soups will be available.
Bob & Doris ’52 Pulley Diner
This 24/7 diner will allow you step into the 50s with crinkle-cut fries and a soda jerk station with milkshakes and floats of all flavors.
Haines’ Boulangerie
What is anticipated to be a popular lunchtime location, the Haines’ Boulangerie will offer sandwiches, salads, and soups made on freshly baked bread. Your sandwich or salad can be made specifically to your taste, with the option of a “you pick two” combo with half of a sandwich or salad with a cup of hot soup.
Alas, there you have it Miami collegiettes! Now your stomachs must be growling even more in the anticipation of these six new, hot, and fresh dining options!
Photos Credit: Scott Kissell
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