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V-Day In The OxBox: How To Make The Most Of Date Night

Ryan Gosling probably said it best when he declared, “If you’re bird, I’m a bird”, to Rachel McAdams in the ultimate cry-your-eyes-out-and-eat-ice-cream romantic film, The Notebook. For all of us hopeless romantics out there (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?!), the holiday of love is quickly approaching, which means beautiful flowers, mass amounts of chocolate candy in heart-shaped boxes, and V-Day dates for the lucky ones out there! Here are some ideas, along with corny pickup lines, to spice up the typical Valentine’s Day date around Oxford!

1. Get Fired Up!

Instead of the usual “dinner and a movie” date, take your significant other to You’re Fired! Uptown where you can make and paint awesome pottery together. For gifts, you could make each other something and give it to each other after it dries. The gift will not only be personalized for that special person, but hand-made and different (insert awww here)!

Corny Pickup line #1: Do you live in a cornfield? Cause’ I’m stalking you!

2. Get Your Groove On!

Dancing is a great way to connect with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Try signing up and taking a dance class at the Oxford Community Arts Center to learn a new step or two.

Corny pickup line #2: I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by YOU!

3. Get The Ball Rollin’!

Sometimes nothing beats a good ol’ fashion game of bowling. Take a ride down to Oxford Lanes and play a few frames. To heat up the game, you could make it a “friendly” competition and determine a prize for the winner!

Country pickup line #3: Was your dad a boxer? Cause you’re a knockout!

4. Get Some Popcorn!

Check out the new and improved Princess Theater! While movie-going is pretty common for date night, try mixing up the type of movie. Skip the obvious rom-com (even though we love them! Oh, Love Actually…) and try a different genre. It’ll be different than past dates and you can save the mushy moments for afterward at dinner.

Cornry pickup line #4: If you were a booger, I’d pick you first.

5. Get Cookin’!

Especially being away at college, having a tasty, homemade meal can be incredibly hard to come by. Take this opportunity to stay in and make a complete meal for your love! From appetizer to dessert, make a yummy spread that’ll set the romantic mood. You can also add to the atmosphere by decorating with candles and roses.

Corny pickup line #5: If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?

6. Get Your Girls!

Not dating anyone right now? Valentine’s Day is a better opportunity than ever for a girls night out/in! Hang out with your best friends and either watch some cheesy movies, pig out on delicious Valentine’s Day candy, get dinner, or go out and dance. Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for couples–take some time on this day to acknowledge all the different types of love in your life and most importantly, love YOURSELF!

Corny pickup line #6: You’re so beautiful, I forgot my pickup line.



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