Twelve Reasons Why Dev Patel Should Be Your Celebrity Crush

If one were to try and list every single reason “Lion” star Dev Patel is totally swoonworthy, they’d never have time to get anything else done. Suffice it to say, he’s easily the most gorgeous and wonderful contender this awards season, and here are just a few of the reasons you should be head over heels for him if you’re not already.

1. First of all, he looks like THAT. 

So much beauty in one place is practically nauseating.

2. That hair.

Let’s be honest: If given the opportunity, we’d always be messing with it, too.

3. That smile.

It could make flowers grow.

4. We’ll just let this one speak for itself…

5. He’s British.

He was born in London and has the adorable accent to prove it. Because he really needed to get cuter.

6. He’s not just a pretty face! He’s also talented.

He was nominated for a Golden Globe, a SAG Award, and an Oscar, and won a BAFTA, all for Lion alone.

7. Speaking of the Golden Globes, the look on his face when Meryl Streep said his name in her speech was a precious thing.

Has anyone informed him that he’s a big deal?

8. He’s humble and adorably self-deprecating.

Has anyone told him he’s attractive yet?

9. He’s a self-proclaimed “mummy’s boy” and even brought her to the Oscars.

Who can blame him? We’re all huge fans of her work.

10. He’s adorable with tiny children.

We’re pretty sure he wants to adopt Sunny Pawar. Don’t we all.

11. He’s adorkable.

Look at that.

12. He’s sweet and down to earth.

This is his reaction to being nominated for an Oscar.

Bonus: This is what he looks like holding a puppy.

You’re welcome.