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Top Tanning Packages In Oxford

Nothing is worse than arriving at your spring break vacay destiniation white as a ghost, and then becoming a lobster after just a short time in the sun. If you want to avoid burning on the beach, try tanning to get that pre-break base layer. Lucky for us, Oxford has a couple of tanning salons within walking distance of campus, each offering different packages and services at various costs. Check out the options below and see which one is best suited for your budget!

1. A Place to TanThis is the cheapest option in Oxford, with one tanning session costing $5. However, this month they have a few specials and customers can purchase 10 twenty-minute sessions for $25, a 30-day unlimited package for $24, or 3 Mystic spray tans for $21.

2. Attitudes Uptown Hair and Tanning SalonA single visit to the Attitudes tanning bed is only $6. They offer packages as well: 5 visits for $20, 12 visits for $50, 20 visits for $70, or 1-month unlimited use for $60. If you’re seeking out other options, the Super Bed single visit is priced at an affordable $8 and spray tans are available for $25 and up.

3. Palm Beach TanThis is the most expensive option of them all, however they do things a little differently at this salon, offering memberships rather than single visits. These memberships come in four different level options. The first is silver and is $29.95/month. At this level, you also receive unlimited level one tanning. The second level is gold and is $39.95/month, which with this package you score unlimited level one and level two tanning. The third membership option is platinum and costs $59.95/month. With platinum, you score unlimited tanning on all three levels. The highest level is diamond and runs at $99.95/month. This package includes unlimited sunbed and sunless tanning. This month, PBT also has a couple of coupons that you can print off of their website, such as $20 off of the Premier Rewards Unlimited Memberships (boom!). 

Whatever option you choose, just remember to always respect each salon’s tanning regulations to guarantee that you don’t accidentally abuse your precious skin and more importantly to achieve the ultimate bronze while avoiding racoon eyes! Happy tanning, collegiettes!

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