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Top 5 Halloween Costumes We’re SO Over

Listen up, ladies! It’s almost Oxford’s favorite time of the year again! Yes, the time of apple cider, brightly colored leaves, and, most importantly, the riveting task of choosing a Halloween costume. This challenge will have Collegiettes across the country tormented by those critical choices such as “what colored skittle should I dress as?” However, as you go forth in search of that perfect costume, don’t make the mistake of wearing one of the costumes we’re so over this year:

1. Jersey Shore:
Looks like we’ve got a situation. I know what you are thinking–this costume would be so easy and I would look great with a bump-it. But think again. Dressing up as the Jersey Shore characters is no longer a hot Halloween trend.

2. Naughty (Fill in the blank): Save something for the imagination people. Although you might not be aware of it, there is a difference between sexy and skanky. Be the classy lady you are!

3. Little Girl Costume: We all loved Care Bears… when we were 5. But this is college, so let’s come up with something a bit more age-appropriate and creative.

4. Lady Gaga: Last season’s hit is this season’s miss. Lady Gaga will definitely be one costume worn by the masses this year during Halloween, so don’t be just another version of Gaga. Think outside the box.

5. Cliché Outfit: Devils, vampires, or witches? HC believes you can do better. If you are absolutely dying to be a vampire or witch, come up with something unique and don’t be afraid to look a bit scary.

We hope everyone has a fabulous Halloween and scores lots of candy (not from strangers)!

(PhotoSource: flickr user najda.robot)

Morgan Weemhoff is a sophomore at Miami University. She is the Event Coordinator for the Miami (OH) Chapter of Her Campus.
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