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Top 15 Websites Who Offer Student Discounts

As college students, we are most always watching how much and what we spend. Hesitantly checking our bank accounts in the Chipotle lunch line, or at night prior to heading Uptown, thrifty might as well be our middle name. If you’re like me, you too love online shopping, clothes etcetera. Even just that email from the package center letting you know something has arrived for you instills in you a spark of excitement. Unfortunately, this love is often hindered by an inability to afford the things I have my eyes on. It is during times like these when I turn to specific websites that I know I can always count on to provide me with a discount, solely for being a student. Both incredibly nice, and potentially dangerous, here are my go-to companies that offer such a discount.

  1. Missguided

  2. Asos

  3. Urban Outfitters

  4. Topshop

  5. For Love & Lemons

  6. Mixology

  7. Wildfox

  8. Azalea

  9. French Connection

  10. Boohoo

  11. Tobi

  12. New Balance

  13. Levi’s

  14. Cotton On

  15. Cole Haan

Happy Shopping Ladies! 

Writer for Miami University
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