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Throwback Thursday: What Was Big in 2007

2017 marks the ten-year anniversary of some major favorites for our generation. In 2007, Bush was still our President, Miley Cyrus was doubling as Hannah Montana (and not yet twerking), everyone was watching American Idol, Taylor Swift still sang country music, and MySpace was the number one form of social media. Warning: this article may make you feel very old.

Classics Were Born

2007 was a year with some phenomenal movies. Pixar stole our hearts and gave children a new appreciation for cooking, and rats, with the heartwarming Ratatouille. Zac Efron broke out the dancing shoes again with the hit musical Hairspray. The Simpsons Movie has everyone singing “spider-pig, spider-pig.”  Disney released a new kind of Disney princess, mixing cartoons and live-action film in Enchanted. Juno became a hit and lead the way for many movie and TV show releases dealing with teenage pregnancies in years to come.

The First iPhone Was Released

Seeing how prevalent smartphones are in society today, it’s hard to believe that just ten years ago, the first iPhone came out. However, this iPhone is not what iPhones are today. The OG iPhone was siri-less, could not take videos, had no selfie camera, and needed wifi to access the internet (3G was not yet a thing). Not to mention the screen was significantly smaller, while the phone was much thicker. It was also exclusive to AT&T, forcing millions (my mother included) to switch from Verizon in order to get their hands on this device. That being said, this phone was groundbreaking and quite the upgrade from the flip phones or full keyboard phones that we all carried (and loved).

Divas Went Crazy

Some of the biggest female icons went through some tough times in 2007. This year marked the downfall of childhood star Lindsay Lohan. LiLo was arrested twice in the summer of ’07 for drunk driving and drug possession, and entered rehab three times that year. Paris Hilton was sentenced to 45 days in jail after violating her probation in an alcohol related reckless driving case. However, she was released early after 23 days of what she called a life changing experience. The biggest celebrity scandal of the year though had to be Britney Spears shaving her head. With trips to rehab, a divorce and custody battles, the singer was in tough place during 2007, but has definitely bounced back this past decade with the release of four albums and a full head of long, beautiful blonde hair.

The Kardashians Entered Our Lives

It’s hard to believe that in 2007 the first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired. 10 years after this classic reality TV show debuted, many of us are still asking the same question- Why is Kim Kardashian famous? While how she and her ostentatious family got into the spotlight is still a mystery to many, their presence in pop culture has only grown the past decade. Between Kim’s 72-day marriage, the relationship roller coaster of Kourtney and Scott, the complex Kylie-Tyga Rob-Black Chyna family dynamic, and Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn, this family always keeps us on our toes. Six different spin-offs have also been created from the original show like Kourtney and Khloe take the Hamptons and Dash Dolls. The Kardashians have undeniably become the biggest celebrities of the decade and will probably continue to be for the next decade to come.

Our Favorite Hits Came Out

From Avril Lavigne’s Girlfriend to Sara Bareilles’ Love Song, 2007 was a year of some serious sensations in the music industry. Everyone was singing “apple bottom jeans” thanks to Flo Rida’s Low. Rihanna’s album Good Girls Gone Bad was filled with favorites from Umbrella to Please Don’t Stop the Music to Shut Up and Drive. Colbie Caillat had her big break with the heartwarming Bubbly. But, most importantly, let’s all not forget the Disney Channel Original Movies released in 2007 that had soundtracks we were undeniably addicted to like Push it to the Limit from Jump In and What Time is it? from High School Musical 2.


By: Madeline Marshall

Madeline Marshall

Miami (OH) '20

Junior political science and strategic communications double major at Miami University (not Florida)
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