Thanksgiving Wardrobe for All Occasions

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate! From the delicious, mouthwatering food to spending quality time with friends and family, it is a holiday that celebrates all the greatness in your life. My favorite aspect of thanksgiving is the fashion appeal. It took me a while to find some cute outfit inspo for before and after you eat food because for me I get a food baby from overeating on thanksgiving. Here are some outfits that will look cute for a low key and fancy thanksgiving events without the hassle of super tight clothing after you’re stuffed with food!


1. Long boots

This is one of my favs to wear because it can go with a nice dress or jeans with a cute top.  The combination possibilities are endless with these awesome pair of shoes!


2. Cute jacket

I love having a jacket especially if I’m cold, which is most of the time. But for the Thanksgiving season, I recommend a cute leather jacket or a long brown one. I put a link to my favorite one!


3. Long sleeve dress

This is a good outfit for a fancy Thanksgiving dinner! I love throwing this on with cute boots, a necklace, and some statement earrings!


4. Fun statement earrings 

These are the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are these a great accessory all year round, but they can give your outfit the extra flare it needs!


5. Sweaters 

These are hands down my favorite garments for the fall/winter season!  It’s great for getting cozy and for dressing up. I recommend looking at American Eagle and Urban Outfitters for some warm sweaters. They both have really great selections for the season that can easily match with anything!


6. Skirts

This is a good combo with a bodysuit, blouse, or sweater. I recommend looking at Mango or Aritzia for some cute skirts. They have a great variety for each occasion!


7. Comfy pants

Pants are my go-to for any time during the Thanksgiving season. Whether you’re going for casual-cute or fancy-schmancy, it’s essential I recommend everyone to get/have for the season!  I recommend Abercrombie and Fitch for some cute pants!