Thank U, Next Video Review

The highly anticipated thank u, next music video was released last Friday and completely broke the internet. Ariana Grande incorporated classic early 2000s chick flicks and used them to tell the narrative of her past heartbreaks and lessons learned from exes. The video features countless celebrities, youtubers and even features some of the cast from the original movies. Ariana included some of her fellow Victorious cast which completely made my heart swell, it’s so great to see they have remained close friends and stay in contact with one another. The whole music video is a blast from the past and makes all of the people who grew up watching these movies burst with joy. Ariana has blown up since her release of sweetener and her break up with Pete Davidson and the overwhelming support she is receiving from her fans is well deserved.


The song itself is fantastic. She is a true queen and name drops her exes, reliving some of the toughest relationship moments she has ever experienced. She is showing everyone that a break up can’t define you and will not break you forever. She lets her fans know that it’s okay and natural to move on and sometimes all you can say is “Thank u, next”. She is also thanking her exes for the lessons they have taught her and the growth they have helped her achieve. This song will go down in history as a breakup anthem.


Personally, I loved the video. All of the movies she remade in the video were some of my favorite classics. It also helps that I already loved the song before the video was released. I’ve been a fan of Ariana since her days on Victorious and it makes me so happy to see her getting the success she deserves. She has been through so much in the past year and to see her dreams come true is extremely satisfying. I anticipate the video will continue getting positive feedback and will be viewed for years to come. If you haven’t seen the video, make sure to watch it you won’t be disappointed.