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Swap Your Mother’s Sweater For A Statement Sweater


An essential part of being a girl in the Midwest is investing in some long-lasting sweaters. I know I have an entire bin full of the knitted outfit-savers stashed under my bed. Before this season, no one thought much of the pattern on her, or his, sweater—just a plain, solid-colored one would do. Now, it’s all about what your sweater says, and I mean literally, what words are printed on your sweater. Givenchy can be credited as the jet-setters for making this trend happen. One of their models sported a teethy Rottweiler smacked in the middle of her sweater. Other designers, like Philip Lim with his nod to comic book-style wording, Balenciaga’s take on sci-fi, and Kenzo’s infamous tiger jumper have grown to adopt this trend and make it their own. Most recently, sweaters designed by Christopher Kane have had monsters on them for the Fall/Winter season this year. My favorite places to get statement sweaters are B.P. at Nordstrom. They are durable and well-made, so you’ll certainly be getting your money’s worth while making sure that you’ll be able to wear that printed sweater multiple times this season. For anyone who likes “edgier” clothing, I love browsing Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Forever 21 has included a lot of Disney and superhero-themed sweaters this season, which is right on target with the trend. Urban is selling some similar cartoon sweaters as well, but they have also kept in mind that everyone loves wearing sweaters for the holidays. You can find multiple cute Christmas statement sweaters at Urban this season. All you need is a pair of jeans and combat boots and you’ve got yourself a perfect look for the statement sweater trend this season! 


BDG Animal Games Sweater from Urban Outfitters; $59.00

Coincidence & Chance Party Panda Sweater from Urban Outfitters; $69.00

Quirky Studded Dinosaur Sweatshirt from Forever 21; $22.80

Toy Story Sweatshirt from Forever 21; $17.80

‘Kitty’ Pattern Sweater from B.P. at Nordstrom; $44.00

Graphic Dolman Sweater from B.P. at Nordstrom; $48.00

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