Sunday Brunch Brought To You By Oxford, Ohio

It's Sunday morning and your stomach is growling. Between Miami University and the City of Oxford, there are quite a few options that will satisfy those hunger pains and cure any remainders of a hangover from a Saturday night out on the town.
Whether you live on campus or perhaps have a friend with a meal plan, the easiest option for brunch on a Sunday is always the dining halls. Between Harris, Alexander, or Martin (just to name a few!) these cafeteria's supply enough tater tots, cantaloupe, waffles, and cereal to leave you feeling like you may never be able to eat again. These dining halls are all-you-can-eat (hence the bloated feeling you leave with) and are definitely the nicest on your wallet if you, or a close pal, have a meal plan.
Also available on campus, and a place that results in the, “I can’t move because I'm so full” feeling, is the popular 1809 restaurant on the second floor of the Shriver Center. 1809 has buffet trays of potatoes, fruits, meats, eggs, rotating pasta or chicken options, and bagels with smoked salmon. What really makes it a stand out brunch option, however, is that it also has table service through which you can order sweet crepes and savory egg frittatas. 1809 offers a “real restaurant” vibe with tons of options for students using a meal plan, falling a tad bit more on the expensive end compared to swiping at the dining halls.
Heading off campus for brunch is where you'll spot most upperclassmen dining with housemates reminscing shenanigans from the night before, or feasting with their friends and family who are in town for the weekend. 
One of the most populated places in Oxford on a Sunday morning is Patterson’s Café. With a line usually running along the sidewalk outside, it is clearly a breakfast hot spot. Patterson’s offers classic breakfast options like eggs, toast, hash browns, fruit platters, and endless cups of coffee. The restaurant has special options too, like fresh squeezed orange juice or pancakes with Butterfinger pieces in them, making the line well worth the wait. According to a former chef at Patterson’s, Colin Via, “The breakfast quesadilla is a fan favorite”.
If you are looking for a higher-end meal for a brunch date or somewhere to take your parents to, Stella 12 Beech and Kona Bistro are your best bets. Both uptown and relatively small restaurants, they offer items that are more expensive than other breakfast joints in Oxford. However, their menus have interestingly unique and delicious brunch items; not to mention their mimosas are the bomb. 
Last, but not least on our brunch roundup, is Morning Sun Cafe. Located to the right of United Dairy Farmers (UDF) uptown, this quaint and adorable breakfast spot is one that's quite affordable. Morning Sun has a traditional breakfast menu, but also offers vegan choices. The cafe will also satisfy the palette of those craving lunch, with options like a juicy burger or an eggplant sandwich. The restaurant maintains a local flair by using fresh and locally grown produce and meats. With plentiful cups of coffee, a full bar, and newspapers up front, Morning Sun is a cafe for all types. 
The greatest thing about having Patterson’s Café, Stella 12 Beech, Kona Bistro, and Morning Sun Cafe as breakfast options when you wake up on a Sunday morning is that none are corporately owned and all contribute an authentic spirit to our beloved Oxford. Happy brunching!