Summer is Out, But Colorful Styles Are In

Summer is long gone, and with it the stylish bright and neon colors. Don’t get the winter blues just yet, though. If you want to stand out without looking seasonally confused, try your hand at this winter’s rich, stunning colors.

If you have a colorful personality and like your outfits to match, then jewel tones are for you. A deep purple would be my personal pick. Other excellent choices include azure blue, burgundy, dark red, and emerald green. Jewel tones are sophisticated, yet still punchy, and can easily be brightened up with statement jewelry.

If you’d rather go a little more subdued, colors like gunmetal gray and chocolate brown are where it’s at. Gunmetal gray is a richer alternative to summer-y silver, and chocolate brown is soft and warm. Both are neutrals and look especially nice when worn with a pop of color.

Don’t be afraid to look hot, hot, hot, even when it’s below freezing outside. Amidst the layers of heavy clothing this season, you’ll stand out whether in vibrant jewel tones or in rich chocolates and gunmetals.

Remember to add a splash of color to your wardrobe this winter, and Happy holidays!