Summer Bucket List

While it may seem like summer is a long time away, we are almost done! I know I can’t wait to lay by the pool and hang out with some friends. I’ve started creating a bucket list to make 2019 summer the best summer ever:

  1. Lots of cone trips. The cone is a popular soft serve place where I live.

  2. Get tan and lay by the pool

  3. Go hiking and creeking

  4. Take a day trip to yellow springs or Cincy

  5. Lots of girls nights with my friends from home

  6. Canoeing/tubing

  7. Take a day trip to Brookeville, Indiana

  8. Go to the drive in

  9. Have bonfires

  10. Make money

  11. Kings Island just for old times sake

  12. Picnic

  13. Donut Trail

  14. Have marvel movies marathon

  15. Top Golf

  16. Try to go to a lake house

  17. Have a luau

  18. Tie Dye

  19. Fourth of July party

  20. Volunteer at the animal shelter


These are some things I’m looking forward to that are getting me through ~finals~. Come up with your own bucket list to get through these next few weeks!