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One of the greatest parts of being a college student is the free stuff.

There are constantly organizations passing out food in Armstrong, there’s free printing in the women’s center, free shirts are thrown into crowds at football and basketball games, there’s an entire group (MAP) on campus where its entire purpose is to plan free events for Miami students.

Clubs practically beg for passersby to take their product and half the time students can’t even take out their headphones to say no. Students really don’t take full advantage of all the amazing things just being handed out to them. For example, Miami’s library offers a whole database of free subscriptions on its website. There’s access to the New York Times, EBSCOhost and even ancestry.com.

My personal favorite is Fashion Snoops. Companies pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for access to this trend forecasting website, and Miami offers it for free. The website has everything from boys fashion to women’s trends to beauty favorites to the latest runways all over the world. I love looking at the galleries of street style to from Fashion Weeks worldwide to get inspiration and see what trends are popping up. It’s really a great way to procrastinate while also sharpening my fashion sense!

Here is a sneak peak at some of the best outfits (IMO) on Fashion Snoops:


The black and white check, a minimalist’s dream!

Large sequins, tiny sequins… We’ll take ‘em all.

This season’s hottest trend is… statement gloves?

That purse sure will be loved.

“Is this too matchy-matchy?”

All of my monochromatic fantasies have just come true.

Haven’t you ever heard of “fashion-converse”?

Unsure why, but this outfit is giving me dystopian Cinderella vibes.

The attention to detail! AGH

The best way to match is to clash.

Jack Skellington’s daughter who went to FIT.

Where can I get this jacket????

Melodramatic purple is IN.

Pull inspiration from your surroundings.

And again.

Simple. Classic. Yes.

Extra. Tacky. YES.

Do you think they planned this?

How to be Trendy: 101

Mallory Hackett

Miami (OH) '20

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