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The Stranger Things 3 Trailer Just Dropped and Here Are Our Theories

Finally!!! The Stranger Things season 3 trailer just dropped, and it is the exact remedy we need while in the middle of midterms. All in all, the trailer was perfect and if we weren't already wanting it to be summer before, we are so ready for sun and fourth of July festivities. Also, can we talk about the music!! Teenage wasteland, absolutely perfect and fits the mood so well! But as great as it is to have the trailer, we still don't really know how this season is going to play out. So here are some of our theories:

1. Billy is in trouble

Rats are apparently a big part of this season (possible antagonist?). It was revealed that one of the episode's names is "the bite" and, from the trailer, it looks like Billy is a possible victim of said bite. Also, that huge monster at the end looks like a rat mixed with a Demogorgon. Demo-rat? 

2. The Byers might be trying to move out of Hawkins

It can be inferred from the trailer that Hopper is trying to convince Joyce to stay in Hawkins when he says, "It's important to me that you feel safe. I want you to feel like this can still be your home." It also looks like Will is going THROUGH IT again and he's also having trouble moving on from what happened last season.

3. Max gives El a makeover

In one part of the trailer, we see El and Max in the mall and El is wearing a flannel. Next, we see them decked out in 80s gear and dancing around in, presumably, El's bedroom. (Also, if they aren't dancing to Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, was it really worth it?) We absolutely love this friendship and are here for it! 

4. It's the summer of love

While this isn't really a theory and it's pretty apparent from the trailer, we just wanted to include this gif because it's really cute and it's stealing all of our uwus :) #milevenforever 

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