Stay Snug and Stylish This Winter

Comfort over style is a road often traveled during the colder winter months, but why not have both? There are several ways you can make your warm winter look fashionable. Some trends that can be used to do this are…

  1. Layering tops 

  2. Beanies

  3. A fashionable scarf

  4. A bold puffer jacket 

  5. Stylish lounge looks


Layering Tops

Layering is my favorite winter trend. Throw a long sleeve on under your favorite tee and create a warm, comfortable, voguish look. A classic layering top is the long sleeve turtleneck thermal. The more common layering top looks are made using black and white layering tops, however, if you’re looking for a more daring outfit, try an animal print or colored layering top. 

Match your laying top to whatever shirt you plan to wear it with! This is a simple example.


Links to layering tops



Beanies are an obvious winter must-have and they’ve grown in popularity. Add a little sass or style to your look through an exciting, unique beanie. Not everyone's beanie needs to be grey with a fluffy pom. You can make your winter wardrobe stand out from the masses with audacious beanies and you’ll surely get lots of compliments on the noticeable piece. 


Links to beanies


Scarves can be easily thrown off or on making them a functional winter accessory. Toss a fashionable scarf on while headed out the door to give your look that eye-catching detail. Then, if you get too hot, you can simply take it off wherever you are. This piece is great for someone who is just starting out on trying to add a little something extra to their daily winter wardrobe. 



Links to Scarves


Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets are the perfect way to keep warm and trendy during winter. Puffer jackets are big and warm but can also be bold and fashionable. You could go for a hot red or metallic puffer. Even if you don't go for the bolder puffer jacket, the simpler black one is still a great additional piece to any closet.


Links to puffer jackets


Stylish Lounge Looks

Lounging around doesn’t have to mean a huge t-shirt and sweatpants. You can sit back and relax in an adorable, lazy day fit. Take your personal days to a new level by loving your outfit and being comfortable at the same time. Cute and stylish lounge looks are the perfect match for any cold, snowy winter day.

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