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Stages of a Staycation According to Cast of “Friends”

Not everyone goes to the beach for spring break. Actually, many people stay home. But, as much as we love having our free time, it can get boring. Here are the stages of staying home for spring break as told by the hilarious gifs of Friends.

That rush of excitement you get when you reunite with your dogs.

Then, reuniting with your parents on the couch like…

But, then you wake up the next morning and already feel bored. So, you just sit on the couch and watch Netflix.

Your parents ask you to do chores while they’re at work, but…

5 days go by… and you’re still bored. And want pizza, but your mom insists on homemade food.

To make your time useful, you decide to get a spray tan so you look tanner than everyone who went to the beach, but you come home and it’s fake.

Finally, it’s time to go, but you’re going to miss being bored at home. You’re going to miss your dog. And you’re definitely going to miss your parents.

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