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The Sneakers That You Need This Season

Fall is finally here, and with it comes the cool weather that allows us to clutch our pumpkin spice lattes with delight and wear the clothing version of a hug, the infinity scarf. Though autumn is typically associated with all the wonderful types of boots that we hold dear to our hearts, sneakers are just as cute of a way to rock killer outfits in the best season ever in an even more comfy and convenient fashion.

1. White Converse 

If pumpkin spice lattes are the basic girl’s essential fall drink, then white converse are the basic girl’s sneaker of choice. Versatile enough to wear to class or a party (because let’s face it, wearing heels every night you go out is just ridiculous), these sneakers are a staple in any wardrobe. Pairs well with ripped jeans and bad decisions. 

2. Black Trainers

Similar to white converse, black sneakers match just about anything even quasi-athletic looking. Working out? Grab the trainers. Going to pick up pizza in yoga pants? All black trainers. Netflix binging? I’m judging you for wearing shoes (or pants for that matter), but if you must, wear the black trainers, as they go wth everything. These are the perfect shoe for looking athletic while doing totally non-athletic things.

3. Sperry’s

The embodiment of the preppy spirit we all fell in love with, Sperry’s are a fantastic pair of shoes to wear when you want to go casually yachting, or (more frequently) to look more put together for that guy in your chemistry class that always wears Vineyard Vines shirts. These are a classic choice of sneakers for any wannabe Jackie Kennedy or Sarah Vickers. Just please, for the love of all things holy, wear the no-show socks with them. 

4. Ked’s for Kate Spade

“She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes.” It’s no surprise that Kate Spade said this, given that her Keds line includes these adorable sparkly sneakers. Perfect for making a cutesy first impression, the sparkle and lace combination is suitable for any college girl sweetheart. Plus, everyone can really relate to a designer that advocates to “eat cake for breakfast.”

5. Heather Grey Vans

The perfect shoe for summer late nights and music festivals, these classics have earned their place on the fall sneaker lineup. They are perfect for daily Starbucks trips, late night cram sessions, haunted house exploring, apple picking, trick-or-treating (because no one is too old for that), and just about anything else your heart desires. Vans will always be a classic for summer AND fall. 

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