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Shopping For A Cause

Let’s face it… We all love to shop. These three companies: Flight 4 the Cure, The Giving Keys and Pura Vida Bracelets have caught our eye by their beautiful and unique products, but more so with their desire to give back to both local and worldwide communities.

Flight 4 the Cure

Flight 4 the Cure is a handmade accessory line based out of Kent, Ohio. The Founder and CEO of Flight 4 the Cure, Krista Jordan was inspired to create something beautiful from something not so beautiful: cancer. In honor of her father who passed away from Leukemia, Krista turned her hobby of knitting into something very special.

F4TC is so much more than a company selling beautifully handmade scarves, headbands and other accessories; it’s a line of products that gives back in many ways. Not only are 10% of their proceeds donated back to the cancer research efforts of University Hospitals and the Cleveland Clinic, but the F4TC team takes time each month to volunteer at these hospitals, and every winter the business donates over $1000 in merchandise to the hospitals’ current patients. As Krista explains, “For us it isn’t just about the future of cancer research, it’s also about those who currently face the fight each and every day. We want to support them all the way up to finding the cure.” 

Krista and her team are excited for what 2015 has in store for Flight 4 the Cure! Their products sell in more than 20 retail stores across Northeast Ohio, and this year they hope to expand to stores throughout Ohio and even the United States. Although this journey was inspired by her dad, Krista now has a wide spectrum of people who inspire, support and push her each and every day.

Check out their website,
Flight4TheCure.com, for more on Krista’s story and her journey with Flight 4 the Cure. Make sure to look out for their 2015 spring collection coming soon!

The Giving Keys

Could a simple key unlock a second chance? The answer is yes. The Giving Keys is a business based out of Los Angeles, California. The founder, Caitlin Crosby wanted to do more with her life, knowing that she may hold the key to unlocking someone else’s freedom.

Caitlin started engraving old keys with inspiring words like hope, courage and strength with the idea that in time, after the message inspired you, that you would pass the key on to inspire another: Paying it forward. This way the key’s purpose would be renewed over and over again.

As the business started to develop, The Giving Keys partnered up with the local organizations that are dedicated to creating a path to self-sufficiency for homeless and low income individuals in Los Angeles.  The Giving Keys was able to “pay it forward” by providing employment for 19 people who were looking to transition out of homelessness, giving them opportunities for a better future.

Check out their website, TheGivingKeys.com for more on Caitlin’s story and the stories of some of the current and past employees of The Giving Keys. As well as their online shop, you can find The Giving Keys in uptown Oxford at The Apple Tree.

Pura Vida Bracelets

The founders of Pura Vida Bracelets, Griffin Thall and Paul Goodman, would have never guessed that their five week surf trip to Costa Rica would turn into a successful business venture. During their time in Costa Rica, they met two men named Jorge and Joaquin who were selling their string bracelets on the street. The simple and beautiful design of the bracelets captured the essence of their adventures in Costa Rica and sparked their idea to buy 400 bracelets to sell back in the United States. The bracelets were a hit back in the U.S. and the original 400 bracelets quickly sold out. Griffin and Paul knew they had something special in their hands, and their friendship with Jorge and Joaquin grew into a profitable business partnership for both parties.

As business boomed, Jorge and Joaquin, along with 65 of their friends in Costa Rica sell over 20,000 bracelets a week. Pura Vida Bracelets has not only helped to provide full-time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica, the company has also created a Charity Collection of bracelets which is designed to give back to communities and charities all around the world.

Check out their website,
PuraVidaBracelets.com, for more of the Pura Vida Bracelet story and the beautiful handmade bracelets that would look fabulous on your wrist this spring.

Sydney Stiles is a junior contributing writer for Her Campus, Miami (OH).
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