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Thanksgiving is a time where family and friends gather around to eat obscene amounts of carbs and turkey. But what’s the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Here are some ways to extend your gratefulness this year.



1. Help Cook the Thanksgiving meal

I know you’re tired and it is Thanksgiving “break” for a reason. But this does not mean you cannot help your mom or grandparents prepare some good eats for the whole family. The hint of putting some effort in can go a long way.



2. Send cards to those Out of Town

Some families are big and live in many different places, which makes it hard to all come together. A simple way to show them you care is to send a meaningful card.



3. Volunteer or Donate to a Food Shelter

While you’re stuffing your face with gluten-free stuffing, consider those who cannot afford a Thanksgiving meal. The impact you might have on one person could change their mindset and they will truly appreciate you being a good person.



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