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Perfect Spring Day Trips Outside of Ox

It’s obvious how many people are attracted to Miami because of Oxford’s uptown, with it being among the top ranked college towns in the country. While the quintessential area is lovely and the ideal place to attend college, sometimes it is nice to get out of Oxford and explore beyond our Chipotle and Brick Street. Especially now that we are nearing Spring, here are some day and weekend trip ideas to take for when you need some time away from campus and uptown!

For when it’s raining:

The Newport Aquarium

Fun fact: Newport Aquarium has the World’s First and Only Shark Bridge!

Picture link: http://cincinnatifamilymagazine.com/family-fun/shark-bridge-newport-aquarium

For when it’s sunny:

King’s Island

Opening day is April 14th!

Picture link: http://cpfoodblog.com/park-food-guides/kings-island-food/kings-island-historical-maps/

For when you want the perfect instagram:

Mural Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio

Mural tour link: https://cincinnatiusa.com/article/10-must-see-murals-cincinnati


For when you and your girlfriend’s want to get dressed up:

The Kentucky Derby

The Derby is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and it’s a great time to pull out your sundresses and watch some horse races.


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