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Owners of Uptown’s Collected Works: Rachel Pfeiffer and Jessica Greene

Sisters Rachel Pfeiffer and Jessica Greene are the proud owners of Collected Works, a jewelry and gift boutique located right along High Street in uptown Oxford. The duo was more than happy to answer all of our questions and tell us a little bit about why they’re so passionate about not only their boutique, but about the entire Oxford community as well!
When did Collected Works get started? Did you two build it up together?
J: We began as the owners here in March 2011. It was a whirlwind. Rachel actually worked here in college. She had a great relationship with the previous owner, Lee. Rachel had always wanted to buy the business once Lee retired. When Lee passed away suddenly, Lee’s husband called Rachel and told her that he wanted her to have the business. We couldn’t pass the offer up.
R: I worked for Lee for six years.
J: We really pulled it together. We opened within just a few weeks of buying the business. Rachel had kept such good contacts with Lee’s artists, so we were able to keep a close working relationship with them, as well as bring in some new artists.
You’re open seven days a week. Is there always one of you in the store to make sure business is running smoothly?
R: Four Miami students work here. They have all been here at least a year. We’re generally here Monday through Saturday and we rotate Sundays. I like to be here during the day, but the Miami girls are definitely a part of our success. We couldn’t do it without them.
J: The Miami girls have become a part of our work family.
Do you make any of the pieces yourselves?
J: No we don’t, we rely on and appreciate the talents of others.
R: I think there is a different skill set for artists than there is for running a store. Rachel always has had a good eye for finding great pieces to add to the store.
Which piece is your favorite?
J: Rachel loves jewelry and I love the gift items. The Flambeaux glaze vases are my favorite.
R: I love the Katie Waltman pieces. I came across her work from a bridal photo in a magazine. Her style is really delicate and feminine, but classic. She is actually coming here all the way from Utah to do a trunk show for us around Christmastime.
Do you ever bring in work from local artists?
J: Once a month we have an Artist of the Month. Their work is featured in our store for the entire month. The artist changes every month, but we love it when a local artist comes to us and tells us that they would like to work with us. We actually had a Miami student a few years back. We featured her work as an undergrad. We are always open to people bringing in their work.
R: We have a very large diversity of pieces—from woodworking, to fine jewelry, to picnic baskets. We like to have something for someone of any style, from simpler pieces to very quirky, fun pieces.
J: This month, we are featuring fine jewelry pieces. We also do open houses for the Artist of the Month. We think it is a great way for people to come in and meet the artist.
Besides working at your store, do you like to do anything else in Oxford?
J: I have two young children, so I’m kept very busy with them. We have soccer, ballet, and we love to go sailing at Houston Woods.
R: I just got a new puppy and I am renovating my 100 year-old house. I still have a good group of friends in Oxford. We like to go out to restaurants uptown.
J: I love going to the restaurants uptown! My favorite is La Bodega. I have a serious weakness for their Key Lime pie.
R: My favorite is Bagel and Deli. I love the Crunch n’ Munch, but I love to go to Stella’s for fancy dinners.
How do you remain involved in the community, even after graduating from Miami?
R: I am a part of the Young Professionals of Oxford. It’s a group of people around the ages of 25 to 35 years old who live in the Oxford area. It’s a great social network. I have made some great friends from being a member of this organization.
J: I just think Oxford is a great community for people of multiple ages. It can be a great place for younger people in Rachel’s age group, but I love that it is also a great place to raise a family. There are always festivals, parades, and all sorts of fun events happening.
Fun Facts
  • Both sisters are Miami alums! Rachel graduated in 2007 and Jessica graduated in 2000.
  • They have lived in Oxford their entire lives.
  • Jessica did not have her ears pierced until after she started working at Collected Works!
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