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Old School Dating Tips

Here we are in 2012, and dating has taken on a completely new meaning. Women are no longer expected to wait around for a men to court them, and men, well we still kind of believe you should practice good chivalry. And it’s not “official” unless it’s “Facebook official”, right? Regardless, some things should remain the same in dating. Below are some old school dating tips for ladies and gents that should remain in place:

  • Never rush into anything.
    Sure something new with someone is exciting, but don’t let those heated emotions lead you into a relationship you aren’t ready for. Spend time getting to know one another. Plan fun, creative dates with each other. If both ends are serious about one another, then there’s no reason to force the relationship to happen.
  • “Never go to bed angry.” This is a wonderful phrase that can be used by any couple! It doesn’t necessarily mean you are living together, but just don’t go to bed angry. Talk about issues that are bothering the two of you. Learn to express why you are upset and come up with a reasonable solution. Communication is, and always be, key!
  • Act like kids! Sometimes it’s so fun to pull out the dusty board games you used to play as kids and just have a night of fun indoors! You can even watch old movies from your childhood together. Doing things like this together can remind you both that you’re never too old to have fun.
  • Serve one another. Guys, never stop opening up doors for your girl, pulling her chair out for her at dinner, or surprising her with flowers. Trust me, these romantic ideas can never be overused. Girls: be a great listener for your guy! He will love that you care about him enough to listen to him when he’s upset. Lastly, guys will always appreciate a great baked treat! Doing these small things for each other will help you both to show that you care.

Sure, sometimes change can be good in relationships, but these ideas are not only timeless, but add such great quality to the art of dating.


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