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O’Pub: Oxford’s New New Bar

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.

If you’re over 21, Oxford has a new place for you to chill. O’Pub, the newest bar to open in Oxford’s uptown, is Ted Woods’ most recent gift to Miami goers. Woods, the owner of the aptly named The Wood’s and Woody’s One Up Bar (Pachinkos), has developed his own version of a 21 and up location.

Located officially at 10 West Park Place, O’Pub doesn’t stand out like Brick Street or Skippers might. Located in the same side alley as Chase bank, the entrance to O’Pub is really only there if you already know it’s there. I’ve already spoken to various Miamians who have said they drove or walked by without seeing it. With no sign, and according to one door guy, no intention of a sign, O’Pub is a classy hidden gem in the middle of our beloved High Street.

If you do find the entrance, you’ll find a great wooden door reminiscent of old school back alley pubs. Claiming an Irish theme, O’Pub’s inside is all wooden and all class. It doesn’t blast music and its bartenders don’t have to run around in madness. The clientele knows what this place is, a fun little haven for the older crowd of Miami students that isn’t a dive, and not a restaurant. There are a handful of six person booths and a longish bar, a table for eight in the rear next to a small stage that an unplugged band might perform on.

Having been there a number of times in only its first month of existence, I can say that the prices are great for the types of drinks they serve. There’s no natty on tap–and that shows what kind of place it is. The Jasmine Martini has been a hit and a 7 & 7 on a drink special menu is a rare site that I appreciate. It opens in the evening for a great time, there’s no cover, no unders, and nothing but a good drink at a pretty good price. (PhotoSource)

Josh is a graduate student pursuing his Master's degree in History. He has Bachelors degrees in both History and Creative Writing.
Alaine Perconti graduated from Miami University (OH) with degrees in Marketing and Journalism. She is the co-founder of the Miami (OH) Chapter and was President from 2011-2013. After graduation, Alaine moved to Cincinnati, OH where she works for a digital marketing agency and is an active volunteer for a local animal rescue. As an HC Alum, Alaine is now a Her Campus Chapter Advisor and is excited to be a positive influence and professional partner for CC's in her new role.