NYFW Street Style Favs

Fashion week ended last week but everyone is still buzzing about the shows and expos from this year’s event. Some of the most talked about aspects include the pregnant model who went into labor after walking in Rihanna’s show or how fabulous Gigi and Bella Hadid looked strutting the same Rihanna show. Even more popular than the news headlines are the trends and styles that came out. Neon is projected to continue being huge as the year goes on. Crochet is going to make its way into everyone’s wardrobe. And business suits are going to be more versatile than just work. With all that being said, my personal favorite part about fashion week will always be the street style. Photographers and fashionistas swarm the streets of New York in order to capture and flaunt their most creative outfits. The sidewalks become their own sort of runway that you don’t even need a ticket for! Here are some of my favorite outfits as seen on the streets of NYFW.


Velma from Scooby Doo clearly inspired this outfit.

This outfit takes mixing patterns to a whole other level.

Turn your outfit into the only ray of sunshine you need on a rainy day!

This color scheme makes me crave fall even more than I already do.

Those cut outs in the blazer...those shoes...my god.

Clearly obsessed with this shoe style.

The most fashionable socks-and-sandals look I’ve seen in awhile.

Stylish friends are the best friends.

Everything about this look just works!

Such a dynamic outfit captured in such a beautiful way.

There’s a reason this is the color of the year.

Now this is how you wear neon.

Orange you glad you wore this fit?

Redefining business casual.

Long live the bomber jacket!

For some reason I’m craving Hubba Bubba now??

Clean and classy. This is how you do it!

When in doubt, color block it out.

This is what dreams are made of!

Not an outfit but we need to talk about these stunning shoes.

Proof that athleisure is most definitely fashionable.

I <3 this outfit.