Now Is the Time to Put Yourself First

By Sydney Richardson

It’s better to realize this sooner rather than later

Four (ish) years at Miami University will be over in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, we can’t reverse time to correct personal past mistakes. The only permanent sidekick you will have throughout life is with yourself. Other relationships come and go naturally. Our college experience, in particular, should be the period of embracing “selfishness”.

Yes, it’s definitely easy to get caught up with outside forces – making decisions based on how it will benefit your friends or family. I’m not dissing the notion of being a nice person what-so-ever. I am simply trying to emphasize that prioritizing your own wants/needs is crucial. Think about it – ten years from now, you could be married with kids pursuing a career. That automatically takes away self-dedication time. Picture this scenario: You didn’t study abroad in Europe during college because a friend wanted you to stay on campus. Now, with a rigorous job and family to focus on, the chances of going are much less. Or you finally get the Bachelor’s Degree – but in something you aren’t passionate about: finance. You are trapped. Now, your daily life is spent being bored an office just because your father thought attaining that specific degree was best for you.

Discover who you are. Take advantage of endless opportunities. Have fun. When tough choices begin to linger in your mind (this is constant during college) – step back and remember that now is the time to put yourself first. Trust me, your future self will express immense gratitude.