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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Miami (OH) chapter.
Over the last few years at Miami our Twitter pages have increased tremendously, as well as the avid followers for these accounts. The handles @MiamiConfessors and @MiamiofBrohio are just a few to mention. We’ve all realized these Tweeps can be a wee bit more blunt that some of our other followers, but maybe that’s why we’re all obsessed with following them! Ultimately, I think these accounts are made for fun, and not directly singling out specific individuals. Case in point is @MUFashionPolice who blasts out tweets highlighting her knowledge of clothing labels while giving her loyal followers the 411 on what outfits are totally not in style anymore. 
Some users of Twitter may find @MUFashionPolice’s tweets too blunt, but you’ve gotta admit- some of them are really funny. There are definitely some tweets that we can all relate to. For example, on February 7th the following was tweeted, “okay boys… there’s exactly one week until Valentine’s Day so if you’re secretly in love with me, now’s the time to speak up.” Tweets like this show that our cruel and unusual Fashion Police may have some heart after all. 
Another reason why I don’t find this account offensive is because most of the twit-pics include pictures that don’t give away the victim’s identity. Maybe @MUFashionPolice could be a little sweeter about her attacks, but we get the point. I love that she’s honest and has an assertive opinion about fashion. If she doesn’t then who will keep us all in check? 
I also enjoy the fact that @MUFashionPolice is consistently tweeting at other well-known Miami pages. Conversations with @themiamistudent and even complaints of the horrid snow to @PresHodge can be found on the account. 
Overall, I enjoy a good joke when I’m scrolling up and down on my Twitter timeline, so thankfully @MUFashionPolice offers me much entertainment despite my boring (and less social) life. If you’re like me and want to see a few cynical, yet totally understandable tweets from time-to-time, you should follow this gem!