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Miserable Travel Quotes

By Kay Connelly

“I went abroad in high school and got on the wrong train after losing my teacher!”

“I cut my entire ankle on the Great Barrier Reef at age ten only to scratch myself on a fence at a sheep farm the very next day. A Tetnis shot was necessary”

“When I was in France last July, my wallet was stolen.. By the time I had identification, my boyfriend and I got caught in traffic. We were on the way to the airport and dropped off at the wrong terminal. Even though the flight was delayed for another two hours, we missed check-in-time…and inevitably, our flight! On the bright side, I learned to panhandle for cash!” 

“I rode on the back of some motorcycles thru the streets of France at 1:30 am. I had no clue who the guys were (#safety first) but I just really wanted my Lizzie McGuire moment #thisiswhatdreamsaremadeof. I should also mention I dropped my phone and shattered it completely!” 

“I was proposed to by a professional hand-ball player.  His name is Petros. Wears #16.  That’s my lucky number. not kidding. We still talk. If a  Greek hand-ball player proposes to you, marry him.” 

“We checked into a hotel in Orlando. We opened the door with our keys and it was occupied ;)”. 

“During my first trip to Disney, the Magic Kingdom was closed.” 

“One spring break, all my dad wanted to do was go to a fish hatchery. We drove 5 hours there and my sister threw-up the entire ride back.” 

“We went to Branson and were excited for the “Alll-You-Can-Eat Pancakes! We knew it was a huge deal, because, there were advertisements everywhere. Only, when we showed up, the waitress told us they weren’t serving pancakes.”

“I visited my grandma down South and she made me oatmeal that expired over 6 years prior.” 

“We had bed bugs in Tybee Island.”

“I lost my hula hoop in the Smokey Mountains.” 

“We were stranded in Charlotte during the Master’s tournament. We got the only rental car available and were without toothbrushes and clothes. Not to mention, my dad was farting up a storm the entire 16 hour car-ride back.”

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