Miami Plan Classes You Should Take

Here what our team has to say about their favorite Miami Plan classes and why you should take them. 

Mary Carroll

My favorite Miami Plan class was definitely HST112 (Survey of American History from 1877 to Present). I am a history nerd, especially American history, so this class had my name written all over it. We discussed WWI and WWII, the Great Depression, the New Deal, and many more. It wasn’t a lot of work, but it was a lot of writing and the exams were essay exams. But, it was an interesting class, so I didn’t mind the work.

Rachel Zurilla

My favorite Miami Plan class was JRN101 (intro to journalism). I am a Strat Com major, and I really enjoy writing, so this class was really enjoyable for me. There were quite a few assignments, but they weren’t hard and didn’t take very long. It’s a good class to really refine your writing skills which is super important to do well in a lot of other classes.

Mallory Hackett

Take ART189. I repeat, take ART189. History of Western Dress counts as your fine arts credit, which can be kind of difficult to fulfill if you don’t want to take theatre or music (@me). It’s super easy, like the professor lets you make notecards to use on the exams. It’s also really interesting! Like we cover fashion from Mesopotamia all the way through current time. It’s probably the most applicable class I’ve ever taken because now when I watch a movie or TV, I understand a lot about the time period and culture just from what the characters are wearing. If you love history or fashion or easy A’s this is the class for you.

Lydia Hanicak

My favorite Miami Plan course was definitely ART188: History of Western Art: Renaissance - Modern. As a STEM major, taking this art class was extremely refreshing for me. Even though I knew nothing about art history, I’ve always had a great appreciation for art. If you can relate, this class is a good pick. I walked away from the class with a list of favorite paintings, artists, and places I wanted to visit. The style of the class is also collaborative, and I ended up meeting a couple good friends from it.

Peyton Gigante

My favorite Miami Plan class I’ve taken is THE123: Intro to Acting for Non-Majors. This class took me way out of my comfort zone, but I’ve found some great friends and a new fun hobby because of it. I am a huge theater/Broadway fan, so this class has given me a newfound appreciation for this part of the arts and I’m so glad that I decided to take it. It’s so social, so different, and it’s like a breath of fresh air amongst all of the chaos in your other classes. Take it take it take it!

Carrie Shaheen

My favorite Miami Plan class that I took was THE 191: Experiencing Theatre. I loved this class because I am a huge broadway fan, and in this class I was able to learn about so many old broadway shows that I probably wouldn’t have the chance to see on stage. This class introduces non-majors to the basic aspects of theatre. It is online Tuesdays and then there are face-to-face classes on Thursday. I highly recommend THE 191 if you want to take a class that is not only an easy A, but is actually interesting to learn about.