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The Message Behind Beyonce’s Formation Video

In case you missed it, Beyoncé recently released a new music video to her newest single, titled “Formation”.The video begins with her sitting on a New Orleans Police car that’s floating in the wreckage of Hurricane Katrina. 

Throughout the video, the message becomes clear.Images of police brutality, the housing of African American’s in New Orleans, church, and hands up are all strong indicators. 

Behind lyrics of “got hot sauce in my bag, swag”, Beyoncé is fighting back. She is speaking out to all of her fellow African-Americans, who have been a part of the struggle since Hurricane Katrina, who have fought with racial profiling by police, who have feared for their lives simply because they spoke up.

She uses her huge platform to spread a message of fighting. A message that says she’s not done fighting for true freedom or for peace. Her video sheds light on a subject that some wish to ignore because it doesn’t affect them. It shows real struggles of African-Americans who want to live their lives without fear. 

 “Formation” not only further highlights Queen B’s killer dance moves, but it also plays a key role in today’s fight for racial equality. 

Milena is a freshman at Miami University (the one in Ohio, not the one in Miami. Common misconception). She enjoys travelling, watching videos of animals doing cute things, and fancy cheese platters. You can follow her on twitter @milenanoelm for said animal videos and her tumblr recalculatiing.tumblr.com for even more videos, aesthically appealing pictures, and feminist things. Even though she has her whole college career ahead of her, she is focused 5 years ahead, when she plans on living around London with a cute dog and a thriving hipster blog. Also follow her snapchat @mnmworld for thrilling videos of campus squirrels and dogs.
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